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Michael Oswald’s seminal documentary film on Britain and its tax haven empire is available now on YouTube.

Released in 2017 to considerable critical acclaim, The Spider’s Web has been screened across the world, from USA to New Zealand.  It is now available for free download by anyone who wishes to watch in either English, French, Italian or Spanish language versions.

Director Michael Oswald says his inspiration came from Nick Shaxson’s best-selling book Treasure Islands

I realized that there was an interesting, coherent and self-contained story that had not been told, the story of Britain’s transformation from a colonial power to a financial power, and the myriad and obscure financial structures created by City of London financial interests that lie at the heart of this transformation.”  (read more here.)

TJN’s John Christensen, who co-produced The Spider’s Web, and is currently working with Michael Oswald on the follow-up – The End of Democracy, traces his interest in the subject back to the late-1970s when he and various colleagues started to look at London’s role as a global tax haven:

We had no doubt that the City of London was a major player in the process of looting poorer countries of their wealth and in protecting Britain’s secrecy jurisdiction satellites from political attempts – at the United Nations, for example – to rectify the policy and regulatory flaws that enabled capital flight and tax dodging on such an immense scale.” (read more here)

Made on an astonishingly small budget, The Spider’s Web has been acclaimed by reviewers.  Here is a sample of what they’ve said:

Forget anything by John Le Carre, this is a real political drama which is more thrilling than anything seen in Tinker, Tailor, Solider, Spy.
– Filmotomy

Framed with strong images of the City of London, tax havens and set to a haunting original soundtrack, The Spider’s Web is a film all ordinary, tax-paying citizens should watch.”
Modern Times Review

The Spider’s Web gives an excellent overview of the scale of the global tax dodging problem and its corrosive effects on democracy.”

Open Democracy

This film is not a thriller. There are no crimes, murders, war or rape. But it deals with the consequences of such acts, metaphorical or real, and you need a strong constitution to watch it, if you care about the state of capital. It is calm, professional and accurate, like a hitman should be. Made on a miniscule budget it is also thoroughly depressing. I can’t recommend it enough.”
Mr Ethical, whistleblower

Watch the trailer here

Spider’s Web: free downloads

Watch the English language version of The Spider’s Web – here

Watch the French language version – La Toile d’Araignée here

Watch the Italian language version – La Tela del Ragno here

Watch the Spanish language version – La Telerana here

We are now making a new film, to follow on from this.

Please support the production of The End of Democracy here


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