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Flags of Countries in front of the United Nations Office at Geneva

🔴Live: UN tax negotiations

By Tax Justice Network ■ 25 April 2024 ■ 14 min READ

Profit shifting by multinational corporations: Evidence from transaction-level data in Nigeria

By Bathusi Gabanatlhong, Javier Garcia-Bernardo, Paulinus Iyika, Miroslav Palansky
5 June 2024
OECD podium

Litany of failure: new briefing sets out OECD’s manifold shortcomings in international tax talks

By Luke Holland ■ 28 May 2024 ■ 4 min READ
Outline of Africa filled with water, forests, money to represent Africa's climate finance

Financing Africa’s Climate Action

By Mukupa Nsenduluka ■ 22 May 2024 ■ 2 min READ

Tax injustices are eroding women’s rights in Brazil, and we need to talk about it

By Carolina Rodrigues Finette ■ 22 May 2024 ■ 2 min READ

Litany of failure: the OECD’s stewardship of international taxation

By 21 May 2024

Submission to the Committee on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women

By Carmela Zigoni, Carolina Rodrigues Finette, Florencia Lorenzo, Klelia Guerrero García, Layne Hofman, Livi Gerbase, Nathalie Beghin
20 May 2024
A man in a suit holding a UN-labelled folder.

What happened at the first round of UN tax negotiations and what’s next?

By Sergio Chaparro-Hernandez ■ 17 May 2024 ■ 22 min READ

The fiscal social contract and the human rights economy

By Layne Hofman
29 April 2024

The IMF’s paper on opaque bank ownership is fully aligned with our beneficial ownership policies

By Andres Knobel ■ 29 April 2024 ■ 3 min READ
Empty seats at a UN chamber

What to know and expect ahead of this week’s UN tax negotiations

By Sergio Chaparro-Hernandez ■ 25 April 2024 ■ 12 min READ

The secrecy enablers strike back: weaponising privacy against transparency

By Andres Knobel ■ 26 March 2024 ■ 8 min READ ■ 1 comments

Privacy-Washing & Beneficial Ownership Transparency

By Andres Knobel
26 March 2024
The tech sector in Dublin, Ireland

Ireland (again) in crosshairs of UN rights body

By Luke Holland ■ 21 March 2024 ■ 3 min READ

Tax policy and gender disparity: A call to action on International Women’s Day 2024

By Telita Snyckers ■ 8 March 2024 ■ 6 min READ

Policy research conference: How a UN Tax Convention can address inequality in Europe and beyond

By Telita Snyckers ■ 5 March 2024 ■ 4 min READ

The IMF’s anti-money laundering strategy review is promising, but it all comes down to implementation

By Andres Knobel ■ 26 February 2024 ■ 4 min READ

Inequality Inc.: How the war on tax fuels inequality and what we can do about it

By Rebecca Riddell ■ 12 February 2024 ■ 3 min READ

Proposal for ‘Business in Europe: Framework for Income Taxation’ (BEFIT): A wrong turn in the right direction

By Bob Michel, Alison Schultz, Lucas Millán
2 February 2024

Formulary apportionment in BEFIT: A path to fair corporate taxation

By Alison Schultz, Miroslav Palansky
31 January 2024

New Tax Justice Network podcast website launched!

By Naomi Fowler ■ 31 January 2024 ■ 3 min READ

People power: the Tax Justice Network January 2024 podcast, the Taxcast

By Naomi Fowler ■ 26 January 2024 ■ 20 min READ