The team of Tax Justice Network

Mark Bou Mansour

Head of Communications
Brighton, UK

Madelyn Brown

Finance Manager
Alfreton, UK

Sergio Chaparro-Hernandez

International Policy and Advocacy Lead
London, UK

Alex Cobham

Chief Executive
Oxford, UK

Daniel Coll Sol

Data Engineer
Barcelona, Spain

Eva Danzi

Rome, Italy

Ria Delves

Finance Assistant
Stalybridge, UK

Rachel Etter-Phoya

Senior Researcher, Anglophone African Hub
Lilongwe, Malawi

Naomi Fowler

Creative Strategist and podcaster
UK, Sicily and Spain

Roxanne Green

Operations Assistant
Birmingham, UK

Moran Harari

Lead Researcher Indices
Tel Aviv, Israel

Layne Hofman

Researcher-Advocate (Human Rights and Inequalities)
Montevideo, Uruguay

Luke Holland

Network and Partner Relations Manager
Paris, France

Sioned Jones

Director of Operations and Communications
Chester, UK

Martin Kopeček

Data Engineer
Prague, Czech Republic

Andres Knobel

Lead Researcher Beneficial Ownership
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Idriss Linge

Yaoundé, Cameroon

Florencia Lorenzo

Belo Horizonte, Brazil

Franziska Mager

Senior Researcher and Advocacy Lead (Climate & Inequalities)

Markus Meinzer

Director, Financial Secrecy
Marburg, Germany

Bob Michel

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Lucas Millán

Senior Researcher
Barcelona, Spain

Liz Nelson

Director, Tax Justice & Human Rights
Oxford, UK

Miroslav Palanský

Data Scientist
Prague, Czechia

Zoe Parkin

Communications Assistant
Devon, UK

Helena Rose

Operations Manager
Devon, UK

Alison Schultz

Research Fellow
Mannheim, Germany

Nicholas Shaxson

Writer and Researcher
Berlin, Germany