Markus Meinzer

Director of Policy

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Dr. Markus Meinzer is Director of Policy at the Tax Justice Network. He authored the book “Tax Haven Germany” (“Steueroase Deutschland”), published in 2015 at C.H. Beck, and was TJN’s principal investigator on the COFFERS EU research project under Horizon 2020 (Combating Fiscal Fraud and Empowering Regulators) and engages in the same function in the TRACE Horizon 2020 research project (Tracking illicit money flows). He has published widely on international tax policy and financial secrecy regulation. He obtained his PhD in economics at Utrecht University in 2019 ("Countering cross-border tax evasion and avoidance. An assessment of OECD policy design from 2008 to 2018"). Prior to this, he studied development economics as a component of his political science degree at the Free University of Berlin, and was an exchange student at the University of Sussex (UK).

Author’s contribution.
Flags of Countries in front of the United Nations Office at Geneva

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IMF challenges ineffective FATF approach to money-laundering

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New study and tool for assessing risks of illicit financial flows in Latin America

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The Corporate Tax Haven Index: a Joint Research Centre audit

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Low angle of high rise buildings

Feedback to EU Commission’s roadmap to tackle tax fraud and evasion

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What criminal clans and German family businesses have in common

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UN building in New York City

Adapt or step aside: pressure on OECD to reform pre-World War II tax rules as UN convenes historic tax meeting

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red traffic light in front of a bridge

Why the German government’s blockade of corporate transparency is harming all of us

By Markus Meinzer ■ 23 October 2018 ■ 5 min READ

Register for the 4th International Conference on Beneficial Ownership Registries, Argentina

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The front facade of the Bundestag

Why is Germany siding with the tax havens against corporate transparency?

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Financial Secrecy Index updates and the importance of open data

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Financial Secrecy Index 2018 – Launch Date January, 30th

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EU tax haven blacklist must not be watered down

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Job opening at TJN extended: Researcher (African Hub, francophone)

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DEADLINE EXTENDED Job opening – Head of Operations

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New Job Openings at TJN: Researcher (African Hub, franco- & anglophone)

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Germany rejects beneficial ownership transparency

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Business leaders for a public registry of beneficial ownership in Germany

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Call for pro-bono research assistance on financial secrecy

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Press Release: Has the European Commission’s Apple decision signalled the beginning of the end of tax wars?

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Second high-level symposium on beneficial ownership transparency in Buenos Aires, August 31st/September 1st

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Book review: Global Tax Governance – What is wrong with it and how to fix it

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The Financial Secrecy Index Methodological Review – Results of the Stakeholder Survey

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The G20 and OECD tax haven blacklist proposals risk becoming another whitewash

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