Global Network

The Tax Justice Network has been a pivotal player in developing the idea of tax justice and bringing it to global attention since 2003. Read a short, informal history of our network here.

We are hard-hitting in our criticisms of the enablers of tax abuse and the race to the bottom, including tax havens, and the damage done to societies. We do not pull our punches. We focus on research and advocacy, and although we are not a mass mobilisation organisation we campaign with numerous partners, at a global, regional and country level.

In particular, the Global Alliance for Tax Justice (GATJ) emerged from TJN in 2013 as a global Southern-led coalition in the tax justice movement. The Global Alliance is the umbrella group for mass mobilisation for progressive and redistributive taxation systems nationally, and for a transparent, inclusive and representative global tax governance internationally. We are proud to work closely with the Global Alliance, including on the State of Tax Justice and in the important tax and gender working group.