Luke Holland

Network and Partnerships Manager

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Luke Holland began his career as a journalist, working with titles including The Irish Times, Channel 4 News, the ITV News at 10, Al-Jazeera, and El País, before moving into the world of human rights research and advocacy. As communications officer and researcher with the Center for Economic and Social Rights, he worked on issues of human rights and economic policy in Colombia, Peru, the United States, Ireland and Spain. In more recent years, Luke established the specialist production company Assume Nothing Media, which has delivered video and motion graphic campaigns for a broad variety of human rights and development organisations, including Amnesty International, Christian Aid and International Crisis Group. He is currently based in Paris.

Author’s contribution.

Submission to the Committee on Economic, Social Cultural Rights on the Fourth periodic report of the Republic of Ireland

By 16 January 2024

The country by country path to global justice

4 December 2023

The Santiago Declaration on Public Services

By Luke Holland ■ 26 January 2023 ■ 5 min READ ■ 1 comments
Photo by Kelly Sikkem at Unsplash

Putting tax justice on the agenda at COP27

By Luke Holland ■ 14 November 2022 ■ 4 min READ

Ordinary people shortchanged by Covid recovery measures in Global South

By Luke Holland ■ 28 September 2022 ■ 3 min READ
The tech sector in Dublin, Ireland

Tax haven Ireland to face UN spotlight over child rights impacts of fiscal policies

By Luke Holland ■ 12 September 2022 ■ 3 min READ ■ 1 comments

Ireland’s responsibility for the impacts of cross-border tax abuse on the realisation of children’s rights (2nd UN submission)

By Tax Justice Network
22 August 2022
Photo by Yannis H on Unsplash

UN calls on Netherlands to account for tax policy impact on child rights

By Luke Holland ■ 23 February 2022 ■ 3 min READ

Indonesia launches investigation following ‘Macao Money Machine’ report

By Luke Holland ■ 18 October 2021 ■ 2 min READ

Tax Justice 101: Become a tax whizz with our new explainer series

By Luke Holland ■ 22 September 2021 ■ 2 min READ

Poor pushed aside as corporates pocket pandemic funds in developing countries

By Luke Holland ■ 22 April 2021 ■ 3 min READ

Webinar: The Corporate Tax Haven Index 2021 – methodology, results and findings

14 April 2021

Making a killing from care

By Luke Holland ■ 23 February 2021 ■ 2 min READ ■ 1 comments

Join the Global Days of Action for Tax Justice!

By Luke Holland ■ 4 September 2020 ■ 2 min READ
By Francisco Rioseco

Taking Panama to task: Women’s rights trampled by financial secrecy

By Luke Holland ■ 16 July 2020 ■ 4 min READ

Covid-19: An opportunity for structural reforms to create a people-centred economic system

By Luke Holland ■ 16 June 2020 ■ 4 min READ

US launch event for Financial Secrecy Index 2020

By Luke Holland ■ 14 February 2020 ■ 2 min READ

Videos: Touring London, the capital of secrecy

By Luke Holland ■ 27 January 2020 ■ 4 min READ
City of London skyline

The Brexit Tax Haven Walking Tour

By Luke Holland ■ 15 January 2020 ■ 5 min READ

Austrian parliament seizes opportunity for public country-by-country reporting

By Luke Holland ■ 17 December 2019 ■ 2 min READ