Luke Holland ■ Tax Justice 101: Become a tax whizz with our new explainer series


Taxation is really easy to understand, right? Well, no, not really. In fact it can all seem a bit complicated. The way governments design and implement tax policies has a huge impact on how fair and equal our societies are, though, and just taxation can make the difference between success and failure when it comes to a whole range of issues, including climate crisis, sustainable development and tackling gender and racial inequalities. That’s why it’s so very important for everyone who cares about our world – and the people in it – to learn about tax justice.

Over the next few weeks the Tax Justice Network will be rolling out a new series of ‘Tax Justice 101’ videos, in which we’ll explain the ways fair taxation is linked to many of the most pressing issues of our time. The first of these – The 4 ‘R’s of Taxation – has just gone live, and sets out the four fundamental functions that make just taxation crucial to building a just society.

What’s tax for? The 4 ‘R’s of tax

Every Monday for the next ten weeks we’ll be sharing a new video, with each one taking on a key theme on the tax justice agenda and explaining it in an easily understandable way. Next week we’ll be looking at the ‘ABCs of Tax Transparency’, and after that we’ll get to grips with a host of other issues such as why taxation is crucial to human rights, the ‘race to the bottom’ in corporate taxation, and why tax is better than international aid or debt for developing countries. We’ll also be asking some thorny questions about who calls the shots in international taxation issues and whether ‘tax avoidance’ is actually legal (as so many tax avoiders claim!).

Join us! Every Monday you’ll be able to find a new video on our Facebook, Twitter and Youtube channels, and also on our website’s video page. You’ll be a tax justice guru in no time!

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