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A poster held up at a climate crisis march which reads

The tax justice and climate crisis crossroads in resource-rich Africa

By Rachel Etter-Phoya ■ 3 October 2023 ■ 4 min READ

2022: developments, successes and looking forward to 2023

By Tax Justice Network ■ 26 December 2022 ■ 9 min READ

A year the tide turned in the fight for tax justice

By Zoe Parkin ■ 20 December 2021 ■ 20 min READ

Tax Justice 101: Become a tax whizz with our new explainer series

By Luke Holland ■ 22 September 2021 ■ 2 min READ

Tax Justice & Human Rights: The 4 Rs and the realisation of rights

By Liz Nelson
6 July 2021
By Francisco Rioseco

Taking Panama to task: Women’s rights trampled by financial secrecy

By Luke Holland ■ 16 July 2020 ■ 4 min READ
The UN Secretariat Headquarters building in New York

Gender Equality: Can Taxation Make It A Reality?

By Liz Nelson ■ 4 March 2020 ■ 2 min READ
UN building in New York City

Adapt or step aside: pressure on OECD to reform pre-World War II tax rules as UN convenes historic tax meeting

By Markus Meinzer ■ 24 April 2019 ■ 5 min READ
Trans flag

Joint statement of trans solidarity in feminist tax justice advocacy

By Liz Nelson ■ 27 March 2019 ■ 2 min READ
Black and white photo of a blurred people crossing a road

Do women go unseen in tax justice?

By Liz Nelson ■ 8 March 2019 ■ 3 min READ
UN Independent Expert Juan Pablo Bohoslavsky

UN expert: Don’t shy away from human rights impacts of fiscal reforms

By Liz Nelson ■ 21 January 2019 ■ 2 min READ
woman engineer working on engine in factory wearing a heard helmet

Taxing for ‘true equality’: EU adopts tax and gender proposals

By Liz Nelson ■ 16 January 2019 ■ 2 min READ
The House of Commons completely empty

Too little interest, too little political will to address inequalities and human rights?

By Liz Nelson ■ 11 January 2019 ■ 3 min READ
Big Ben at night

UK next in the UN hot seat over impact of City of London, Crown Dependencies and Overseas Territories tax policies on women’s rights

By TJN Admin ■ 2 January 2019 ■ 4 min READ
A hot air balloon in front of a blue sky

Landmark moments for tax justice from 2018 worth celebrating

By Mark Bou Mansour ■ 21 December 2018 ■ 8 min READ

Edition 7 of the Tax Justice Network Arabic monthly podcast/radio show الجباية ببساطة

By Naomi Fowler ■ 1 August 2018 ■ 2 min READ

New report: extreme poverty and human rights in the United States

By Naomi Fowler ■ 5 June 2018 ■ 4 min READ ■ 1 comments

Human rights costs of the proposed U.S. tax cuts

By Naomi Fowler ■ 8 December 2017 ■ 3 min READ