The country by country path to global justice

4 December 2023

The country by country path to global justice

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Australia was expected in June to pass ground-breaking legislation that would require, for the first time, all major multinationals operating in a jurisdiction to publish full, country by country reporting on their economic activities, including profits declared and taxes paid. Even much more limited measures have put a major dent in corporate tax abuse, and the Australian measure would have set a new standard to drive global progress. But intense last-minute lobbying led to a delay. Now the world waits to see if the Australian government can stick to their commitment. This event will assess progress towards, and the challenges facing, calls to implement public country by country legislation around the world.

At this roundtable event, we’ll be joined by speakers who have worked closely on the legislative process to explain the nature and politics of public ‘CBCR’ in Europe, the United States, the United Kingdom and, of course, Australia. With historic negotiations on international tax cooperation at the United Nations ongoing, we’ll also hear from African experts on the potential and scope for CBCR to be incorporated into the UN process.

We’ll also assess the data to show how far the Australian measure could shed a light on multinationals in other countries, and consider how this could drive demands for a ‘level playing field’ for all companies – in which even the most transparency-resistant multinationals could end up on the side of investors, labour and civil society in calling for public country by country reporting across the board.

Watch the session recording here.



Olivia Lally

Senior Policy and Advocacy Officer. Eurodad

Zorka Milin

Policy Director, Financial Accountability and Corporate Transparency Coalition

Paul Monaghan

Chief Executive, Fair Tax Mark

Everlyn Muendo

Policy Advisor, Tax Justice Network Africa

Jason Ward

Principal Analyst, Centre for International Corporate Tax Accountability & Research / Tax Justice Australia


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