Nick Shaxson ■ Quote of the day: offshore enforcement as a career killer


blumFrom Jack Blum, a Senior Adviser to the Tax Justice Network, testifying to the U.S. Senate Committee on Finance: 

“For years there has been very little offshore enforcement. There was a period in the 1970’s when IRS made some efforts in that direction. The cases were dismissed. The agents who were involved had their careers ruined and there was a 10-year hiatus in the 1980’s when offshore cases were simply not touched within IRS
it was a career killer… the cases were complicated and the cases always involved people who had access to the political system in a way that made the case not have a good future. So what happened was, not very much was done.”

As quoted in a 2011 paper. And so it goes. More recent, meaty material on this subject very soon. One for our quotations page.

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