Nick Shaxson ■ Success in Barclays tax haven campaign


From ActionAid, some excellent news:

“53,000 people taking action, hundreds of us writing to our MPs, thousands of passionate messages and one Father Christmas later, I’m really pleased to be able to tell you that Barclays have committed to stop promoting tax dodging through tax havens to companies investing in Africa!”


And, by way of context:

“Tax havens cost developing countries three times more than they get in aid every year. But companies wouldn’t be able to move their money into tax havens without the help of banks, which is why we decided to tackle Barclay’s role in this head on. We launched the campaign late last year. And it culminated in thousands of us taking action at the bank’s shareholder AGM in London, where campaigner Will Davis delivered our collective call for action, and won a promise from the bank’s Chief Executive to look into the issue. Mountains of media coverage also helped pile on the pressure.”

Now read on.

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