Nick Shaxson ■ Two lieutenants of leading EU finance critic defect to ‘the enemy’


That’s from an article in the Financial Times, which begins like this:

“The UK’s Investment Management Association has poached two key lieutenants of Sven Giegold, the German Green MEP who has been a scourge of the fund industry in recent years.”

This is of interest to us for two reasons: first that it (anecdotally) serves as a reminder of one aspect of the ‘capture’ of policymaking by the highly-remunerated financial sector; and second, that Giegold was one of the founders of TJN, and had been a doughty supporter of tax justice over many years. We wish him well in his continued endeavours.

Endnote: the FT’s headline writer calls Giegold a “market critic” – which is wholly inaccurate. Giegold has been a fierce critic of the corruption of markets.

That’s a very different thing.

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