Nick Shaxson ■ Quote of the day: William Browder, Russia and Ukraine


In an interview with The American Interest, looking at Ukraine and the looting of the former Soviet Union, the co-founder of Hermitage Capital speaks out – all guns blazing.

There are any number of Quotes of the Day we could highlight – but we thought we’d choose this one, prompted by the question of whether the West has any responsibility regarding the protection of looted wealth.

William Browder: Certain people in the West are completely enabling the kleptocracy in Ukraine and various other countries. And what makes it most shocking is that the people who have enriched themselves in the West from this kleptocracy then use their political influence to moderate any kind of reaction or condemnation of it. I’ve seen it here in the UK when we were fighting on the Magnitsky case: Some people here don’t want to rock the boat regarding Russian kleptocrats because it would cost money to the very close friends of people who are in political power.

AI: So what sort of need for reform do you see in that arena?

WB: I think that people’s political careers need to end. People need to be disgraced for their support of Ukrainian and Russian kleptocrats, in the United States and in the UK. So that the next guys who come around won’t want to be disgraced and have their careers ruined.

We couldn’t agree more. Now read on.

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