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Naomi Fowler, Jo Barratt ■ The Corruption Diaries: our new weekly podcast


We’re happy to announce the launch of the Tax Justice Network’s brand new weekly podcast The Corruption Diaries, available on most podcast apps. You can listen here to the trailer introducing the podcast, plus the first couple of episodes. Please share it far and wide! We’ll now begin releasing one episode a week, every Wednesday. Email me on naomi [at] if you’d like me to send you a reminder as soon as we release each new episode.

In The Corruption Diaries podcast we take listeners on a journey through the eyes of anti-corruption veterans who were on the frontline of key events that have defined our world today, with stories and perspectives on reform you won’t hear anywhere else.

In Series 1 we sit down with leading white collar crime lawyer and Tax Justice Network senior adviser Jack Blum who tells us about his life’s work during a period of huge geopolitical change and transformed global tax and financial systems. From the BCCI scandal (Bank of Credit and Commerce International), to Panamanian dictator Noriega’s cocaine trafficking, to Lockheed Aircraft’s overseas bribes – Jack was there. As he describes in the podcast, he was in a unique position to view and understand corruption:

It was like sitting in an easy chair looking down a manhole cover in an open sewer!”

As U.S. Senate staff attorney Jack Blum served many U.S. administrations as presidents rose and fell, and he’s advised governments on asset recovery, fighting corruption and transnational corporations. He travelled the world meeting and holding to account notorious drug and gun runners, key informants, intelligence agents, politicians, lawyers, accountants and heads of multinational corporations alike. And so as you’ll hear, he has a wealth of experience, fascinating stories and important insights to share from his long and accomplished career.

The Corruption Diaries (find it on your podcast app here) The Corruption Diaries is produced by Naomi Fowler and Jo Barratt. Interviews with Jack Blum were recorded over several days at Jack’s home in Maryland by journalist Zoe Sullivan. It's free to broadcast by any radio station.

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