John Christensen ■ Call for Papers – Research Workshop on Corruption and Tax Havens, London, April 2016



Call for papers for a Research Workshop on


City University London, 28th / 29th April 2016

In May 2016 the U.K Government will be hosting a global summit on corruption. Ahead of this event, the Association for Accountancy & Business Affairs,(i) City University, (ii) and the Tax Justice Network, (iii) are organising a research-led workshop to explore the role of secrecy jurisdictions in providing a criminogenic interface facilitating corruption and corrupting activities, and illicit financial flows. The workshop will also explore the role of secrecy jurisdictions in corrupting the entire global financial system, and examine the role of professional ‘enablers’ in constructing and protecting the system.

Other related themes are likely to emerge as the workshop programme develops ahead of the global summit..

Researchers wanting to participate in the workshop are invited to submit an abstract of no more than 300 words by 22nd January 2016. All submissions will be considered by the organising committee.

This workshop will bring together researchers, academics, journalists, policy staff of civil society organisations, activists, consultants and professionals, elected politicians and/or their researchers, and government or international organisation officials.

The purpose of the workshop is to facilitate research on corruption and the role of tax havens through open-minded debate and discussion, and to generate ideas and proposals to inform and shape the political initiatives and campaigns already under way.

There will be a small charge for attendance at the Workshop. Participants are usually expected to finance their own travel although applications from students and others with limited means for bursary support will be considered.

More information about this workshop is available from: Alex Cobham, Tax Justice Network, [email protected]



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