Nick Shaxson ■ Luxembourg: the campaign on corporate tax has only just begun


From Eurodad: a wonderful sign that people are starting to gear up to challenge the many corporate tax abuses run out of secrecy jurisdictions like the European Dodgy Duchy of Luxembourg.

Eurodad continues:

“You can follow the campaign on twitter – #StopTaxDodging and #LuxLeaks. In the coming months, campaign activities will also be announced across Europe and announced on this site. Meanwhile, please share the campaign video below and go to to support one of the whistleblowers who revealed the #LuxLeaks scandal.”

A key quote from the video above:

“The campaign will go on until the public is allowed to know what multinational companies pay in tax, and no one will have to go to jail for telling the truth.”

Quite right. We are all gearing up for a long campaign.

This video puts the spotlight on tax havens.

But if the enablers such as PWC, KPMG and others think they will be immune from this, they are sorely mistaken. Watch this space.



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