John Christensen ■ The Price We Pay – London premiere on 19th June 2015



Harold Crooks’ (The Corporation, Surviving Progress) searing documentary indictment of offshore finance gets it UK premiere at the Open City Documentary Festival in London on 19th June, and will also be screened the following week at TJN’s discussion workshop at City University.  Both screenings will be accompanied by panel discussions involving participants in the film, including TJN’s John Christensen, James Henry and Nick Shaxson.

Watch The Price We Pay trailer.

Watch the interview with Harold Crooks broadcast recently by the Canadian Broadcasting Company.

Watch this excerpt from the film featuring producer Brigitte Alepin

Praise for The Price We Pay:

“Director Harold Crooks’ well-crafted documentary offers a concise, engrossing and occasionally infuriating overview of the ways multinationals avoid taxes by stashing profits in offshore havens.”  Variety

“Rush out and catch Le Prix à Payer, a stunning, nail-it-to-the -wall Canadian documentary where bankers speak uninhibitedly about tax havens and top celebrity economists let it all hang out… A terrifying picture of an all-powerful market living way above the law.” Jean-Jacques Rue, Siné Mensuel

“Harold Crooks has revitalised the documentary treatment (of tax havens) by addressing the key political question:  the loss of tax revenues are a direct strike at democracy itself . . . Using their influence, the ultra rich and multinationals have successfully morphed the notion of ‘no taxation without representation’ into ‘representation of our interests, without taxation.’  The oligarchs have taken over.  Worse, according to John Christensen . . .  fascism now roams freely across Europe.”  Christian Chavagneux, Alternatives Economiques



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