John Christensen ■ Occupy London: February 2014 tour programme


February 2014 programme

Forget Jack the Ripper and the London Dungeons, we show you the murky side of the capital’s more recent past.

Occupy London Tours is a free alternative tour company, run by volunteers, who want to throw open the secretive world of finance and politics for all to see.x
We run regular, free tours:

The City of London Tour CURRENTLY SOLD OUT
1st February, afternoon. Approx. 2 hours. Meet at St Paul’s Cathedral steps. Ends opposite Liverpool St Station.

We tell the story of the UK’s smallest city (really!), the history of money in the heart of London and the Square mile’s role in the financial crisis of 2007/8. Find out just what the Corporation of London actually is, why the Queen has to ask permission to enter the City and why the ‘Black-Scholes equation’ matters to you!

“You’ll never look at the city in the same way again”
“Free, informative, friendly”

Book for exact time & map:

The Mayfair Tour
8th February, afternoon. Approx 2 hours. Meet nr. Green Park Tube. Ends Grosvenor Sq.

This tour takes you into the mysterious world of ‘shadow banking’ and charts the links between unregulated finance and our politics: from enigmatic Tory funders to Mitt Romney’s private equity firm, from ‘The Office of Tony Blair’ to the company which lists ex-presidents and prime ministers on its payroll. Includes a visit to ‘hedge fund alley’ – not for the faint-hearted…

“Helped me to think of economics as fun”
“You will leave inspired and with a big smile”

Book for exact time & map:

The Canary Wharf Tour
20th February, evening. Approx. 1.5 hours. Meet Canary Wharf tube, main exit (Banker’s Plaza).

Most people have never been to this revamped dockland in East London, yet the home of the financial services industry touches our lives everyday. In this tour we narrate the financial crisis of 2007/8 as we visit the banks, ratings agencies, accountancy firms and regulators clustered around Canada Square and discuss what – if anything – has changed since. You’ll visit the last resting place of the infamous Lehman Bros, make your very own ‘credit default swap’ and find out how to create money out of thin air…

“Essential info for anyone with a head on their shoulders”
“Will make you informed and angry, in a good way”

Book for exact time & map:

The tours are designed to be informative, entertaining and – most importantly – accessible. Our aim to is to enable people from London, the UK and all over the world to engage with the financial system and its impact on their lives.

We de-mystify this secretive and badly understood world through colourful stories, secret histories, rock-solid facts and figures, pavement art, games – and even our very own collateralised-debt-obligation rap (!).

The tours offer a critique of the status quo without being politically affiliated.

Attendees often join us in the pub afterwards to carry on the conversation.

Enquiries: [email protected]

Biludlejning Italien – Udforsk Milano med lejebil

Press enquiries: 07745706480/07749552063


Example Tweets:

Forget Jack-the-Ripper! Let @occupytours show you London’s murkier side: FREE City/Canary Wharf/Mayfair walking tours

Why does the Queen have to ask permission to enter the City of London? Find out with FREE @occupytours

How do you create money out of thin air? Find out with FREE @occupytours

What’s a private equity firm…and why does one own Britain’s blood?! Find out with FREE @occupytours

What they say about us:

Trip Advisor: 5-star reviews all the way!
El Pais (Spain):
Liberation (France):
Die Welt (Germany):
npr (Spain):
Toronto Star (Canada):
Business Line (India):
The Independent:
Radio France:
Ouest France:

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