Automatic exchange of information: statistics

Using statistics on bank account information to test the effectiveness of the system, hold authorities to account and estimate illicit financial flows. Unfamiliar with automatic exchange of information? Read our short guide about it here before digging deeper with this collection of articles.


Germany’s new statistics on exchange of banking information: a trove of useful data and clues

By Andres Knobel ■ 21 August 2020 ■ 11 min READ ■ 1 comments

Delivering a level playing field for offshore bank accounts – What the new OECD/Global Forum peer reviews on automatic information exchange must not miss

By Andres Knobel, Markus Meinzer
1 March 2017

Developing countries, take note: how much money do your residents hold in Australia, the most transparent country on bank account information

By Andres Knobel ■ 10 August 2020 ■ 9 min READ

Data on bank transfers: Complementing automatic exchange of information and detecting illicit financial flows in real time

By Andres Knobel
10 July 2019
Colourful coding on a monitor

Statistics on automatic exchange of banking information and the right to hold authorities (and banks) to account

By Andres Knobel ■ 21 June 2019 ■ 12 min READ

The use of banking information to tackle corruption and money laundering: a low-hanging fruit the OECD refuses to harvest

By Andres Knobel ■ 30 April 2019 ■ 8 min READ

How to assess the effectiveness of automatic exchange of banking information?

By Andres Knobel ■ 20 December 2018 ■ 5 min READ

It’s time for countries to start publishing the data they’re collecting under OECD’s Common Reporting Standard

By Andres Knobel ■ 11 July 2018 ■ 5 min READ

Automatic Information Exchange: a trove of useful new data. Here’s a template for using it

By Andres Knobel ■ 5 January 2016 ■ 4 min READ