Naomi Fowler ■ Tax collection, a labour of love: the Tax Justice Network podcast, May 2020


In the Tax Justice Network’s monthly podcast, the Taxcast:

  • we cover the story the mainstream media aren’t telling you – how governments around the world are undermining our tax collection services. We look at how the South Africa Revenue Service was established in very challenging times to become a world class institution. Yet also how quickly such achievements can be set back…
  • Also, as all eyes turn to Central Banks during this coronavirus pandemic, we ask who are they serving? And how do people forge a new relationship and a new role for them that fits modern times? We look at the profound implications of a little-known court ruling this month in Karlsruhe by the German Constitutional Court concerning the actions of the European Central Bank – the second-most important central bank in the world

A transcript of the programme is available here (it won’t be 100% accurate)


Presented and produced by Naomi Fowler of the Tax Justice Network.

It was known as the higher purpose…it was certainly one of the reasons why I think the revenue service was able to over the years grow and develop and become this world class institution that it did ultimately become. It was not just a job. It was a heart and mind labour of love.”

~ Johann van Loggerenberg, formerly of the South African Revenue Service and author of Death and Taxes: How SARS made hitmen, drug dealers and tax dodgers pay their dues

This court ruling coming out of Karlsruhe might lead to a rethink about the role of central banks in the 21st century. To whom should they be accountable, whose interests are being served by the charade of political independence and how can we make central banks accountable to the public they notionally serve?”

~ John Christensen of the Tax Justice Network

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WATCH: Cuts to tax office workers: a global trend:

This video shows tax office workers from Ealing tax office in the UK protesting against the closure of their tax office, also featured in this month’s Taxcast. They’re supported here by PCS (Public and Commercial Services Union) and several MPs, all questioning the commitment of the government to efficient tax collection services run by people with decades of experience. Unfortunately this is a trend worldwide, just when we need tax the most.

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