Nick Shaxson ■ Luxembourg on trial as Luxleaks whistleblowers await tomorrow’s verdict

Antoine Deltour, Edouard Perrin, Raphael Halet

Antoine Deltour, Edouard Perrin, Raphael Halet

Tomorrow afternoon the “LuxLeaks” trial will end and the two whistleblowers, Antoine Deltour and Raphaël Halet, as well as the journalist Eduard Perrin, will know whether they will be punished or not, for breaking Luxembourg’s secrecy regime. They face up to 18 months in jail for exposing lurid details of some of the most artificial and egregious schemes cooked up by PwC for the world’s banks and other multinationals – and the latter group seem to have got off the hook entirely. Earlier, Britain’s Private Eye accurately described the whole crooked process:

“the Grand Duchy’s multi-billion euro tax avoidance industry, the accountants who control it and the Ruritanian justice system that persecutes the whistleblowers and journalist who exposed it.”

Protests are planned in Paris and Luxembourg – do turn up, if you’re in the area. 

Endnote: It seems like a war on whistleblowers is underway right now: as we recently noted, Rudolf Elmer has been in court in Switzerland on what the evidence suggests is trumped-up charges: the court is expected to rule in July.

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