Nick Shaxson ■ Call for Papers: Third Annual Amartya Sen Prize Competition


Call for Papers: Third Annual Amartya Sen Prize Competition

Submission DeadlineAugust 29, 2016

The third Amartya Sen Prize is soliciting papers on the non-revenue impact of curbing illicit financial flows.

Poor populations are hurt when rich individuals and multinational corporations surreptitiously shift trillions of dollars in wealth and profits out of less developed countries. One harm arises from the loss of tax revenues incurred by their governments. By concealing their profits or wealth, MNCs and individuals evade taxes on profits, dividends, interest and/or capital gains—taxes that could fund social spending or tax reductions for ordinary citizens.

This year’s submissions are to focus on the other harm from illicit financial outflows: the loss of capital to a poor country’s economy, which may well substantially exceed the revenue loss.

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