Nick Shaxson ■ The Tax Justice Network podcast, April 2015


In the April 2015 Tax Justice Network podcast: How just are our tax systems towards women? A Taxcast chat with award-winning filmmaker Michael Winterbottom, about his new Russell Brand film The Emperor’s New Clothes. Plus: one of the US’ biggest corporations (and tax avoiders) is repatriating billions from offshore, paying its taxes and re-focusing on good old manufacturing again – and investors love them. And remember how the UK Prime Minister was ‘leading the world’ in transparency measures not so long ago? We discuss the letter a former Cayman Islands lobbyist and Conservative peer wrote to reassure the tax haven that it was an empty gesture to distract from a proposed Financial Transaction Tax.

Tax should be a source of our well being, of our development, of our future…but you have to work on these systems, on owning the systems and changing them and making them work for our present improvement of our lives and the future that we want.’
– Mae Buenaventura of Jubilee South in the Philippines

Men and women are differently situated in the economy, in all sorts of ways. Tax has different implications for men and women. The main thing that really matters to women is that tax is raised: that reasonable revenue is collected by the government, because it can be spent in ways that can be really useful for women.
– Susan Himmelweit of the Women’s Budget Group

Featuring: John Christensen of the Tax Justice Network, feminist economist Professor Susan Himmelweit, Mae Buenaventura, and Steven Nelms. Produced for the Tax Justice Network by @Naomi_Fowler

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