John Christensen ■ Islands (or how to play dirty and get away with it)


We are delighted to be associated with a new play by award-winning Caroline Horton called Islands (or how to play dirty and get away with it).

In Caroline’s words:

“Islands will be an illuminating, absurd and powerful new show about tax havens, little empires, enormous greed and the few who have it all – yes, your bit too.”

We’ve been working with Caroline and her team since 2012, and we know the play will shock many when it comes to the stage in London in January 2015.

In the true tradition of TJN, we’d invite you to dig into your pockets and contribute (as an Agitator, maybe, or better still as a Beserker) to what may well be the first stage play about the mis-shapen creatures spawned by the evil world of tax havenry.

“Hilarious and unnerving, this ink black comedy with music plunges you into a monstrous, secretive world where it really seems that no one has to pay…. for anything. Head offshore with those who have it all worked out, as they feed their addiction to wealth, power and material stuff.”

Become an Agitator or a Beserker here, and hear Caroline explain her ideas for the play in the accompanying video.



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