Beneficial ownership: registration around the world

How countries are registering beneficial ownership information. Not sure what beneficial ownership is? Read our short guide about it here before digging deeper with this collection of articles.


The state of play of beneficial ownership registration in 2020

By Andres Knobel, Markus Meinzer, Moran Harari, Miroslav Palansky
1 June 2020

Beneficial Ownership: a Tax Justice Network checklist

By Naomi Fowler ■ 13 April 2017 ■ 2 min READ

Beneficial ownership transparency in Africa The state of play in 2020

By Rachel Etter-Phoya
1 July 2020
a web camera on a laptop monitor

We ran a beneficial ownership webinar for over 260 officials from Latin America

By Andres Knobel ■ 10 September 2020 ■ 2 min READ

The US beneficial ownership law has its weaknesses, but it’s a seismic shift

By Andres Knobel ■ 20 January 2021 ■ 6 min READ
A single open window in a grid of closed glass windows mirroring the sky

US half-shuts door to financial secrecy, opens new window

By Andres Knobel ■ 15 July 2019 ■ 6 min READ

The EU’s latest agreement on amending the anti-money laundering directive: at the vanguard of trust transparency, but still further to go

By Andres Knobel ■ 9 April 2018 ■ 11 min READ

Argentina keeps pushing to be at the vanguard of transparency. Now they need to make more information public

By Andres Knobel ■ 18 January 2021 ■ 5 min READ

Argentina finally has a beneficial ownership register. Now, it should make it public

By Andres Knobel ■ 20 April 2020 ■ 10 min READ

Why many Berlin real estate owners remain secret despite new transparency laws

By Tax Justice Network ■ 11 May 2020 ■ 6 min READ ■ 2 comments

The abuse of Limited Partnerships in the UK: predicting the future with the Financial Secrecy Index

By Andres Knobel ■ 31 July 2018 ■ 3 min READ
locked gate door

Ending secret ownership: we assess the progress and challenges

By Andres Knobel ■ 28 June 2018 ■ 6 min READ