Telita Snyckers ■ The Tax Justice Network’s most read pieces in 2023

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This year our work featured in more than 314 broadcasts, 2,745 online media mentions, and 246 print pieces in over 140 countries, and saw more than 300,000 visitors to our website. 

To help you catch up on everything you may have missed through the year, we’ve compiled a quick list of our most read pieces in 2023. 

Our three most viewed pages on our website this year were a 2020 article on Britain’s Slave Owner Compensation Loan, reparations and tax havenry; an overview of what transfer pricing is; and our proposals for how we can take back control of our tax systems

Our most read report published this year

Not surprisingly, our most read report was the State of Tax Justice 2023 report, which shows countries will lose US$4.8 trillion in tax to tax havens over the next 10 years if they stay the course on global tax policy.

Our most read blogs

This year we published 119 blogs (and counting). The most read of these was our open letter to King Charles III on the continued role of the UK in abusive tax practices; a commentary on the IMF challenging the Financial Action Task Force’s approach to money laundering; and how the SWIFT system can be used to counter dirty money

Here is the full list of our top 10 most read new blogs in 2023:

  1. Open letter to King Charles III [↗]
  2. Commentary on the IMF challenging the Financial Action Task Force’s approach to money laundering [↗]
  3. How the SWIFT system can be used to counter dirty money [↗] 
  4. Why the world needs UN leadership on global tax policy [↗]
  5. Switzerland’s referendum is a choice between tax havenry and more tax havenry [↗]
  6. A fund-a-mental improvement in how the IMF engages about money laundering [↗]
  7. Launching the Tax Justice Network’s new climate initiative [↗] 
  8. The finance curse and the Panama papers [↗] 
  9. The Santiago declaration on public services [↗]
  10. Beneficial ownership and fossil fuels – lifting the lid on who benefits.  [↗]

Other pages our readers particularly loved in 2023

In the background, our frequently asked questions continued to remain popular, with the top spots being taken by “what is transfer pricing”, “is taxation theft”, “what is profit shifting”, “what is a tax haven”, and “what are the four r’s of tax justice”.

Our most viewed country profiles are perhaps no surprise: the United Kingdom, followed closely by Mauritiusand SwitzerlandIndonesia made a surprise appearance in fourth place, while the Netherlands was our fifth-most viewed country profile. 

Three of our cornerstone topics also saw significant interest:

On human rights, our pieces on colonial taxationhow tax saves lives, the link between inequality, democracy and human rights, the importance of the 4 R’s of tax justice in human rights, and how Luxembourg’s intimidation of a whistle-blower undermined fundamental rights were particularly popular. 

Our deeper focus on the link between tax justice and climate justice was also popular with readers, particularly our pieces on beneficial ownership in the fishing industry,  our report on delivering climate justice using principles of tax justice, and our podcast on who owns the climate crisis.

Lastly, our most-read pieces on beneficial ownership transparency looked at how Russian oligarchs can more easily evade EU sanctions thanks to an EU court ruling, our new roadmap to effective beneficial ownership transparencybeneficial ownership loopholes to plug, and lifting the lid on who benefits from beneficial ownership opacity in the fossil fuel industry.

Happy reading, from all of us at the Tax Justice Network! 

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