Naomi Fowler ■ From an un-caring economy to a caring economy: the Tax Justice Network podcast, April 2021


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  • Caring for others is the highest thing anyone can do in this world. Yet our governments don’t value care either in the policies they create, and they don’t value it monetarily. We look at how we move from an un-caring economy to a  caring economy, how women’s unpaid work is the greatest subsidy to our so-called productive economy, and how we need to rethink ‘the economic.’
  • Plus – we analyse President Biden’s global minimum tax plans – who wins and who loses? Is it game over for tax havens?

A transcript is available here. (Some is automated and may not be 100% accurate)


From an uncaring to a caring economy #111

Really, we have to begin by rethinking the meaning of life, the meaning of life isn’t about increasing the wealth of the super wealthy, it’s about people and how we interact and how we’re able to care for each other.”

~ Lynne Segal, the Care Collective

When it comes to markets, there are already alternatives that can help us reimagine forms of economic exchange that are far more equitable and far more caring.”

~ Andreas Chatzidakis, the Care Collective

What it seems to me President Biden is saying is he wants to reset the programming of the global rules, that’s the rules of globalisation so that they work to the advantage of the working and middle classes. it’s historic actually. But there are some grounds for quibbling…”

~ John Christensen on the US adminstration’s global minimum tax proposals

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