Nick Shaxson ■ The chaser’s guide to tax havens: a simple 1,413-step guide


ChaserSome offshore humour for a Monday morning: The Chaser’s Guide to Tax Havens, from Australia. The magazine has an interesting history:

“Ever since The Chaser started, back in 1999, we have strived to build our company on a solid foundation of inexplicable and highly technical tax losses.”

Back to the guide to tax havens: perhaps our favourite section is this one – because it’s so appallingly true, from a tax cheater’s perspective:

Profits chaser


But Myth 1 is pretty good too. Another excerpt, among many:

“Next, we looked at Malta. The main advantage of this little group of islands is that it is a member of the EU, which means that if we ever went into manufacturing automobiles, we could just cheat our way through the process. “We could make satirical emissions targets,” exclaimed Amy before we explained to her that Volkswagen had already thought of that idea. The advertised benefit of Malta is that it provides “simplified accounting”, which Amy explained meant not having to provide a “true and accurate” record of what has gone on inside your business. Now we were talking!”

Now read on . . . this article, while funny, is in fact a well-researched guide to some the monkey business that has taken over the world of corporate multinational tax.



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