Tax Justice Network responds to UK Shadow Chancellor’s Fair Tax Mark announcement


Tax Justice Network responds to UK Shadow Chancellor’s Fair Tax Mark announcement

Responding to UK Labour Party Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell MP’s announcement of an action campaign calling on companies to sign up to the Fair Tax Mark, Alex Cobham, chief executive at the Tax Justice Network, said:

“$500 billion is dodged in taxes each year by multinational companies – three times more than annual government spending on healthcare. When companies duck out on their fair share of taxes, it’s the most disadvantaged citizens who foot the bill, often through deadly cuts to vital public services like the NHS.

“The Tax Justice Network is delighted to see the announcement of a major shareholder campaign in the UK against corporate tax avoidance. Evidence shows that the race to weaken our tax laws in order make our economies ‘competitive’ and ‘business friendly’ is a false economy – nobody wins in a race to the bottom.

“The Fair Tax Mark, which we helped get started, is a great way for companies to be open and transparent about the tax contributions they make to the communities they set up shop in. This is an opportunity for British businesses, from family-run corner shops to the biggest international firms, to lead the world in responsible tax practice.”


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Notes to Editor

  1. Profit shifting by multinational companies, where profit is shifted away from the country where real business activity takes place and is reported in a country where tax rates are low or non-existent, is estimated to result in annual tax losses of US$500bn.
  2. The UK government spent £142.3 on healthcare in the fiscal year 2018

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