Webinar: Intro to Beneficial Ownership Framework Analysis course

14 April 2021

Webinar: Intro to Beneficial Ownership Framework Analysis course

with the potential to join a ‘Tax Justice Network Index Analyst pool' for paid ad-hoc research

Event description

On Wednesday 14th April 2021 we held an introductory webinar to explain a new Beneficial Training course being introduced for the creation of a pool of Index Analysts. Below is more information on the training and pool.


Beneficial ownership transparency has become one of the leading policies to tackle illicit financial flows related to tax evasion, money laundering, corruption and the financing of terrorism. It involves identifying the “beneficial owners”, who are the individuals (natural persons) who ultimately own or control the legal vehicles such as companies, partnerships, trusts or foundations that operate in the economy by opening bank accounts, holding real estate, or providing goods and services. Without beneficial ownership transparency, criminals are able to engage in illegal activities by hiding behind legal vehicles or nominees. Beneficial ownership transparency means revealing who is behind an entity.

The Tax Justice Network’s Financial Secrecy Index is now firmly established as a comparative analytical tool for monitoring and ranking.  It is formed from a robust set of indicators that reflect the rules, laws and mechanisms used to abuse taxes and increase secrecy and are designed to provide clear pointers for policy change.  Beneficial ownership transparency is among the key indicators assessed by the Index.


Through a series of online training sessions participants will gain skills to assess countries‘ beneficial ownership frameworks in relation to companies, trusts and other legal vehicles. On the successful completion of the examination at the end of the training, the most successful participants will be invited to join the Tax Justice Network Index Analyst pool where there will be the opportunity to undertake paid research on the indicators for our indices.


The training course will be delivered in English and unfold in four intense 2 hour sessions, held over 4-6 weeks, with work to be done in between by the participant (approximately 10 hours per week) and will culminate in a demanding exam that will take a day to complete.

Those who pass the exam at the end of the training will be invited to join the Tax Justice Network Index Analyst pool to become eligible for paid ad-hoc research (ca. USD 650 for a package of 5 assessed countries.  The tasks are expected to  take the equivalent of a full week of work but could be done over 1 to 2 weeks, but no longer. However, passing the exam and joining the pool is no guarantee that every researcher will be contracted in 2021 or later.


The training will be most relevant to those studying legal or social sciences as well as professionals who are interested in contributing to global financial transparency and accountability. The training will provide the necessary skills to join the Tax Justice Network Index Analyst pool, whose members may be selected to undertake paid research on an ad-hoc basis. We are particularly interested in encouraging participation from those living in Latin America and Africa but this is open to anyone based anywhere across the globe.


This cutting edge training will be delivered by the Tax Justice Network researchers who are at the vanguard of designing international anti-money laundering, tax compliance and financial accountability policies.


The training course is provided free of charge.

Application and process for joining the Index Analyst Pool

This initial training will be open to between 20 and 30 participants and it is expected that around 5 spaces are available for joining the Index Analyst Pool in 2021.  Therefore there will be a selection process for those who wish to undertake the training that requires the submission of a CV and responses to a set of questions.  To apply please complete the application form here.


Closing date for applications is Wednesday 21st April 2021.  The training will be held through May and June 2021 and the dates and times will be agreed with the training course attendees.  Paid research will be available between June and October 2021.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any minimum academic/ work experience qualifications for the training?

No, there is not a particular type of academic qualification or work experience though as described in the ‘Participants’ section above the course and work is likely to be of more interest and benefit of some with a legal, political science, or economics development background, and our selection procedure will prioritise those highlighted.

Could you clarify what the training and paid research, if we are accepted, would be considered in terms of an activity/employment?

There are no contractual commitments around the training course – it is voluntary, but we expect a commitment to complete the course and attendance at least 75% of the sessions.  The paid research would be on a consultancy basis so you must be able to take such a consultancy (and ensure there are no conflicts of interests with other employment/commitments) and fulfil any registration of such within your country.

Do you get a certificate after training?

No, this is not a certified course but an in-house training course.

Where will the training and research be done?

We are a virtual organisation and the training will be online and the research desk based from your own residence.

Can I attend the training but not join the pool?

At this stage we are only expecting to train those who wish to join the index analyst pool.  We may look to run alternative training if there is demand and funding.

Is there a particular type of CV style you are requesting?

No, the CV type/style is up to you, but we advise to upload no more than one page.


Suggested material

The deadline to apply for this training is now closed.

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