Will Snell ■ Seeking a consultant to design an open data portal


Terms of Reference: Open data portal on risk-based illicit financial flows

The Tax Justice Network is seeking qualified consultants to design and build an open data portal to allow interested stakeholders and members of the public to view, analyse, query and export a dataset that we have built on the risk exposure of a range of countries to illicit financial flows, and to incorporate automated updates and additions to that dataset in the future. This will be followed by a centralised portal for other datasets, so can be thought of in part as a test case.

Download the terms of reference and instructions for submitting a proposal

Proposals due: 4 September 2019

Timings: Portal to be published 1 January 2020 (work to start by 23 September 2019)

Budget: Up to £13,000 including all expenses and VAT

Reporting to: Markus Meinzer, Director (Financial Secrecy), and Data Scientist (when appointed)

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