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We’re delighted to announce that registration is now open for a short course in tax at the Copenhagen Business School, being run as part of the COFFERS project (Combating Financial Fraud and Empowering Regulators).

The programme runs from 12-14 September 2018. It features many of the leading international tax researchers who participate in COFFERS, and is designed to provide a practical overview of a wide range of international tax questions. In addition to the sessions outlined below, there will be a number of additional keynote speakers.

The course will be of interest to post-graduate students, private sector professionals, policymakers, regulators and activists. It is offered free, thanks to European Commission funding, except for a charge for meals and refreshments. Participants are expected to cover any travel and accommodation.

Here you can find the full programme; the course homepage; and the application form. We look forward to seeing you there!

Session 1. ‘Situating COFFERS and the International Tax System’
– Associate Professor Duncan Wigan

Session 2. ‘Tax and the Macroeconomy’
– Professor Richard Murphy

Session 3. ‘‘Global Tax Governance and the Pattern of Tax Competition’
– Professor Thomas Rixen

Session 4. ‘Scale and Measurement’
– Professor Brigitte Unger, Associate Professor Joras Ferwerda, Associate Professor Petr Jansky

Session 5. ‘Corporate Adaptation and Expert Networks’
– Professor Leonard Seabrooke, Rasmus Christensen, Saila Stausholm, Oddny Helgadottir

Session 6. ‘Tax and the Professions’
– Professor Sheila Killian, Matthew Sorola

Session 7. ‘Indexing and Mapping Tax Risk’
Markus Meinzer, Alex Cobham

Session 8. ‘Administrative capacity: the quest for comparative data and indicators’
Markus Meinzer, Professor Richard Murphy

Session 9. ‘Accounting for Tax’
– Professor Richard Murphy, Alex Cobham

Session 10. ‘The Future of Tax’
– Professor Richard Murphy, Professor Thomas Rixen, Professor Leonard Seabrooke


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