John Christensen ■ TJN Report and Accounts for year ended 31 December 2014



Tax justice activists in Lima, Peru, 1st May 2015 calling on companies to pay their taxes

Tax justice activists in Lima, Peru, 1st May 2015 calling on companies to pay their taxes

Our audited accounts and the Director’s Report for year ended 31st December 2014 are available here.

Since 2013, when we assisted with the successful launch of the Global Alliance for Tax Justice (the campaign coordination arm of the global tax justice movement), TJN has refocussed its activities to incorporate new themes and develop new projects, including our new programme on tax justice and human rights, the launch of the Fool’s Gold initiative, kick-off for The Offshore Game, and the illicit finance journalism programme (now called Finance Uncovered).

More praise for TJN here

More praise for TJN here

As TJN’s executive director, John Christensen, notes in the opening section of his report:

TJN continues to take the lead in developing the global conversation about tax justice. Having led the way since 2003 in highlighting the rising culture of corporate tax avoidance and the uses and abuses of tax havens, in 2014 TJN widened the discussion to include human rights and tax justice, and started the process of opening up a wider public discourse about who benefits from nation states competing against one another. We expect these themes to have increased prominence in our work plans for the foreseeable future.

Alongside these innovative programmes, we continue with our core research activities such as monitoring the OECD’s work on BEPS, and monitoring what is happening at ground level in secrecy jurisdictions across the world: the next set of rankings for TJN’s groundbreaking Financial Secrecy Index will be published in November 2015.

In 2014 we continued to work towards the goals of the Mobilising for Tax Justice programme, launched in 2011 to build global support for tax justice research, campaigning and advocacy.

The table below shows the wide variety of countries where TJN has provided partnership support under this programme.


Countries where TJN's partners have received support under the Mobilising for Tax Justice programme

Countries where TJN’s partners have received support under the Mobilising for Tax Justice programme

Here is an extract from the Director’s Report detailing our principal activities in 2014 (in no particular order):

? Co-organising a research symposium on tax justice and human rights, hosted by the Faculty of Law, McGill University, Montreal;
? Producing monthly Taxcasts (this is part of the Mobilising for Tax Justice programme);
? Publishing three editions of our free newsletter Tax Justice Focus (this is part of our Mobilising for Tax Justice programme);
? Co-organising an international conference on tax avoidance, tax evasion and tax justice, hosted by the Faculty of Law, University of Barcelona;
? Co-organising and participating in the work of the Coordinating Committee of the international Financial Transparency Coalition;
? Co-organising a training programme for investigative journalists. Two courses were held in conjunction with the Centre for Investigative Journalism in 2014;
? Developing our online journalism hub to support the investigative journalism programme. The hub is coordinated by Nick Mathiason and George Turner;
? Preparing a detailed report on the role of the corporate income tax in a balanced tax regime (published in quarter 1, 2015;
? Providing administrative, fund-raising, secretariat and advisory support to partner organisations including the GATJ;
? Publishing daily blogs and articles on tax justice related issues;
? Publishing and distributing a weekly Offshore Wrapper which looks at major global news stories through a tax justice perspective;
? Advising the international press on tax justice related issues.

Take a moment to glance at the income and expenditure account on page 18, and you will see for yourself that TJN operates on a small budget and has truly minimal administrative overhead costs.  Despite the generosity of our donors, we would love to be able to attract more resources to expand our agenda-setting activities into new areas, such as gender and the environment.

If you’re inspired by our work, please consider a donation.

Visit this page to see past copies of our report and Accounts.


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