Nick Shaxson ■ How to talk about tax justice, U.S.-style


Tax-Fairness-Briefing-Booklet-1From Americans for Tax Fairness, a Tax Fairness Briefing Booklet.

They say:

“To win the fight for a fairer tax system, we’ve got to know how to talk effectively about the issues.

That’s why Americans for Tax Fairness published this briefing booklet. It contains guidance on the most effective ways to talk about the economy and taxes; key findings from polls conducted for Americans for Tax Fairness, other organizations and media outlets; and fact sheets on key topics like offshore corporate tax loopholes and the estate tax.

Browse the booklet using the Table of Contents below, or download the full report in PDF format.

This is a U.S.-focused publication, but it contains many insights and pointers that should be useful for a tax justice campaigners worldwide.

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