Nick Shaxson ■ Shareholders to get chance to vote on Google’s tax policy at AGM


From Responsible Investor, a story about a shareholder resolution about Google’s tax strategies has been placed by a group of responsible investors onto the agenda of its forthcoming annual shareholder meeting.

“The proposal calls on the company’s board to “adopt a set of principles to address the impact of Google’s tax strategies on society, with particular focus on Google’s employees, customers and suppliers”. 

This is subscription-only story, unfortunately, so we have only brought you this highlight.

Google’s tax avoidance and tax avoidance more generally, is substantially the product of misguided notions that corporate managers are only accountable to shareholders and not to other stakeholders. Read more about the myth of shareholder value here. It’s an article begins like this:

“So many of the assertions made about “maximizing shareholder value” are false that they should be assumed to be a lie until proven otherwise.”

We would strongly agree. As we have noted before.

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