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Our campaigns partner, the Global Alliance for Tax Justice, is advertising for a new post: campaigns and communications officer:


Job Advertisement

The Global Alliance for Tax Justice  (GATJ) is an alliance of regional coalitions in Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America and North America. The GATJ was established to coordinate and synergize their fight against tax dodging by multinational corporations (MNC’s) and wealthy individuals, to ensure greater transparency and accountability in the global financial sector and to promote tax justice globally.

The Coordination Committee of the GATJ seeks to hire a committed campaign and communications officer as soon as possible.

You have a graduate level qualification, several years of experience working in the not-for-profit sector (preferably in advocacy and campaigning). You have demonstrable ICT and communication skills. You will be a “pioneer” in this post, and will thus bring a lot of energy with you. You have a high sense of self-responsibility to be efficient and deliver. You will be in your element when working in a non-hierarchic environment with a lot of space for your own initiatives and flexibility to manage your work. You will be working closely with members of the Coordination Committee and others, and thus you have teamwork skills and are comfortable working in a multicultural setting.

The role requires engaging with funders, governments as well as with bilateral and multilateral institutions with confidence, fluency, gravitas and diplomacy.  You have, ideally, knowledge of international tax issues and have been directly involved specifically in tax justice campaigning. You have knowledge of and involvement in recent and current campaigns relating to economic justice and the organizations involved in them.
In addition to fluency in spoken and written English it would be desirable if you have some knowledge of Spanish to reasonably communicate with Spanish speaking stakeholders.

Job Description

Overall Task:

The role purpose is to achieve strategic policy change in international tax matters by engaging governments, bilateral and multilateral institutions, civil society, the private sector and faith-based institutions through campaign and communications work.

The work of the Campaigns and Communications Officer will involve:

a)    Coordinating and leading the campaigns and communications work of the Coordination Committee, liaising among its member networks, and ensuring follow-up of the decisions of the Coordination Committee on campaigns and communications;

b)    Working with Coordination Committee members to nurture and strengthen collaboration with allies and partners for effective global campaigns for tax justice;

c)    Working with Committee members to develop and manage communications infrastructure;

d)    Working with the Fundraising Sub-Committee of the Coordination Committee to identify and contact potential funders for the campaigns of the Alliance, and in donor relations;

Specific tasks:

Campaigns (40%)

•    Implement GATJ campaign strategy priorities;

•    Develop campaign materials, organize events & participate in and contribute to relevant events organized by allies;

•    Develop relationships for effective global campaigning;

•    Effectively use various outlets to communicate GATJ campaign messages to multiple stakeholders;

•    Support campaigns of member networks and create synergy between them to strengthen global campaigns.

Communications (30%)

•    To develop and manage GATJ Website;

•    To raise the positive profile of GATJ through media and publicity work. To disseminate and promote GATJ key advocacy and campaign messages to the widest possible audience;

•    To echo and amplify advocacy and campaign of member networks at the global level.

Fundraising (30%)

•    Work with the Fundraising Subcommittee of the Coordination Committee to identify potential donors and establish and nurture relationships with them;

•    Prepare funding proposals for the Campaigns and Communications work of the GATJ;

•    Ensure compliance with donor requirements and prepare reports.

Terms and Conditions of Work and Accountability

•    The campaigns and communications officer will be accountable to the Coordination Committee of the GATJ.

•    The Chair of the Coordination Committee of the GATJ will liaise with the campaigns and communications officer regarding contractual and performance matters. •    The post could be located in the country of residence of the successful candidate.

•    Salaries and benefits will be determined based on payments to posts with similar scope of responsibility in the not-for-profit sector of the country where the successful candidate will be located.

Applications with a brief outline of reasons for interest and a CV should be sent by email to Sarah Knott ([email protected]), Secretary to the Coordination Committee of GATJ, by February 14, 2014.

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