Non-Executive Director


Key details

Application closing date: 26th January 2022
Start date: Expected March/April
Hours: Attendance at Board meetings once a quarter, other ad-hoc meetings and internal events as required
Salary: Unpaid (with reimbursement for expenses incurred in line with our policy)
Location: Board meetings are generally held virtually with some in-person meetings and therefore your location can be anywhere. We are keen to increase the global representation within our board

About the Tax Justice Network

The Tax Justice Network believes our tax and financial systems are powerful tools for creating a just society that gives equal weight to the needs of everyone. Launched in 2003 we are dedicated to high-level research, analysis, campaigning and advocacy in the area of international tax and financial regulation and work to inspire and equip people and governments everywhere to reprogramme their tax systems to work for everyone. We are clear that we must take a rights-based approach in all our work, and one that challenges inequalities head-on.

We are a network of researchers, activists, tax experts, communicators, lawyers, political scientists, organisers, academics, campaigners and human rights defenders who pursue systemic changes that address the global inequalities that arise from poor tax policies; ineffective implementation of national and global tax policies and weak financial regulation. Covid 19 and the climate crisis make the coming months and years a transformative time for our societies but also for how Tax Justice Network engages with partners across the world.  We are committed to supporting and engaging with approaches that recognise the critical value of cooperation and collaboration.

Founded on a co-operative ethos we are a virtual organisation, with staff working from their homes across multiple countries and continents. We are supported by grants and donations from a range of donors including Norad, the European Union and the Ford Foundation

Role description

The directors of the Tax Justice Network are responsible for the oversight and governance of its work, with executive and management action delegated to a chief executive (and a senior management team).  We are seeking to recruit new non-executive directors to bring their skills and expertise and offer strategic guidance, constructive and supportive challenge, specialist advice and their independent thinking.

The roles are also required to fulfil the duties of a UK company director (there is no UK nationality or residence requirement). The Board is inclusive and seeks people with diverse backgrounds, skills and experience and would welcome applications from underrepresented groups and those with geographic presence and knowledge not currently represented at our board including Africa and Latin America.

As we enter a new strategic period in the organisation’s journey we are looking to add to and complement the current Board by seeking new directors who can bring their skills, experience and expertise in the following areas (we are not looking for an individual to fulfil all of these but would expect them to have strengths in at least two of them):

  • Tax issues and the global tax system
  • Equality and social justice issues
  • Building and managing global networks for social change, particularly those that have come from grassroots
  • Collaborative leadership that builds power with others and not over them
  • Individual and organisational development and well-being
  • Innovative communications and campaigning
  • Research, analysis and policy development
  • Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning

In terms of individual attributes, we are looking for those that have a strong sense of teamwork and collaboration, with a positive and proactive approach and who can accept the views and perspectives of others. We are looking for someone who listens, is happy to be challenged and committed to the achievement of consensus where it is possible and compromise where it is needed.  A willingness to exercise independent judgment, speak your mind freely and kindly whilst showing an ability to apply good judgment consistently and make responsible decisions including in managing risk is important. We are also looking for people who work well cross-culturally, across countries and regions, and can build strong relationships, especially within the board and with staff.

The board meets four times a year (usually three times online, and once in person at our annual conference) and therefore the role requires the commitment of the necessary time to prepare and attend the Board meetings as well as other meetings and events such as attending internal and external events and our annual conference.  We would estimate that the minimum commitment over the year would be in the region of 40 to 60 hours.

How to apply

The Tax Justice Network is a company limited by guarantee, registered in the UK. Our business language is English and therefore successful applicants need a high level of competence in both spoken and written English but you may apply in any of the official languages of the United Nations (Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish).

Please upload a CV (resume) and answer a series of questions (to detail the skills and expertise you believe you bring to the board) at by 9am (GMT) on Wednesday 26th January 2022. Interviews, which will be in English, are planned to be held week commencing 7th February.

Download the TJN Non Executive Director recruitment pack here

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